Forth Valley's Orchards

Forth Valley Orchards

The Forth Valley Orchards Initiative, now in its eighth year, is a project which focuses on inspiring, involving and engaging communities on the revival, development and care of orchards.

Current projects that are being delivered in 2016/17 are:

The 'Fruitful Communities' Project

A new phase of the successful ‘Fruitful Landscapes’ Project that aims to support communities to increase their capacity to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to enable them to create, maintain and use the orchard resource of the Inner Forth in the longer-term. The project is funded by the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative and CSGNT and supported by Falkirk Community Trust.

The Master Orchardist Volunteer Programme 

A nine-month (January to September 2016) volunteer programme funded by Helping Britain Blossom through the Urban Orchard project, to help local people create, restore and access orchards – to enjoy and use for good in their own communities.

The National Orchard Inventory for Scotland 

FEL is a Local Facilitator for the survey, recruiting volunteers to map the location and condition of orchards across the Forth Valley area. It is funded by Scottish Natural Heritage.