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Supporting the creation, care, management and use of orchards and fruit trees across the Forth Valley

Forth Valley's Orchards

Forth Valley Orchards

The three-year Forth Valley Orchards’ Initiative (FVOI) 2013 – 2015 continues Forth Environment Link’s (FEL) orchard work in the Forth Valley, building the capacity of communities to create, maintain, and use orchards (and fruit trees).

Our vision is to “increase orchards in the landscape that contribute to the economy and that are used, maintained and loved by the community throughout the year”.

The initiative is funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund 2013 – 2015, with sustainability being central to the delivery of the FVOI activity programme to ensure that at the end of the three years, the orchards and their care are in the capable hands of a wide range of stakeholders.

The initiative is delivered by the Forth Valley Orchards’ Team (FVO Team), through a number of projects:

  • CSGN Orchard Grant Schemes that are distributed to landowners, businesses and communities to develop orchards across the area:-
    • The CSGN Orchard Grant Scheme (covers the whole of the CSGN area) for communities and schools to plant new orchards and manage existing ones.
    • The CSGN Orchard Futures Fund (covers the whole of the CSGN area) to support the commercial potential of orchards that expand the number of orchards and build the capacity of landowners and communities.
  • Forth Valley Orchard Schools’ Programme. Providing bespoke capacity-building for successful Forth Valley school applicants of the CSGN Orchard Grant Scheme, to take care of the orchards, and use them as a place of play and learning.
  • Orchard Promotion & Engagement, a programme of Community Events and Activities to inform and engage the public about orchards, under the strapline: ‘Go Fruit & Nuts for Orchards!’.
  • The Forth Valley Orchards’ Roadshow. A series of activities taken on the road in the ‘Big Blue Bus’, kindly provided by Green Routes reaching into Priority Areas and rural communities across Forth Valley.

 FV Pippin icon ‘The Forth Valley Pippin’ eBulletin keeps subscribers informed of events and happenings in the initiative.

  • Orchard Data Project to record and interpret information on orchards and fruit trees. Including a map of the location of orchards accessible to the public.
  • Orchard Equipment Hire. A range of equipment for hire to help maintain orchards and use the fruit - crushers, juicers, pruning tools, etc.