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Supporting the creation, care, management and use of orchards and fruit trees across the Forth Valley

Forth Valley's Orchards

Forth Valley Orchards

Our vision is to “increase orchards in the landscape that contribute to the economy and that are used, maintained and loved by the community throughout the year”.

The Fruit Futures Project 2015/2016, funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund, sees orchard sustainability as the central role to the delivery of the FVOI activity programme ensuring that orchards and their care are in the capable hands of a wide range of stakeholders.

Through the Fruit Futures Programme, we are wroking with 17 community groups, businesses and school leaders in areas of multiple deprivation and/ or near areas of vacant & derelict land.

We train and support these groups to design, develop and support their community orchards through a series of workshops, events and networking opportunities. We are also idetntiying potential projects as demonstration sites to showcase best practice within the sector. 

  • The Forth Valley Orchards’ Workshop Programme, open to the public and landowners to help develop capacity to create and manage orchards and fruit trees.
  • Forth Valley Orchard Schools’ Programme. Providing bespoke training sessions to schools to take care of the orchards, and use them as a place of play and learning
  • Orchard Data Project to record and interpret information on orchards and fruit trees. Including a map of the location of orchards accessible to the public

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