An interview with “Sticks and Stones” David Mackay



Here at Forth Upcycling Network we love to see business’s upcycling and even better when they are doing it on our doorstep! A few weeks ago at the scribblers picnic, the FUN team had the pleasure of meeting David Mackay the owner of the environmentally friendly home and garden furnishing business “Sticks and Stones”.

We asked David a few questions to find out what makes his business so unique and splendid. Here is what he had to say. 


Hi David! Can you tell me a bit about your business?

Sticks and Stones furniture is a carbon minimal furniture company based in Stirling making bespoke and self created pieces from wood, stone and upcycled iron work, reclaimed timber and anything useful. The timber and stone is all collected from local forests and quarries within a 25 mile radius of Stirling only using storm damaged trees that I mill with my dad and hand quarried stone that I collect with friends.

My work is mostly organic shapes made from stunning woods or stone melded to form aesthetically pleasing items that are a meld of beauty and purpose, an attempt to create unique and stunning, useful items that will last forever and be adored by their owners.

We really love the pieces you have brought along with you today. What inspires you to make such interesting pieces?

My inspiration comes from my desire to provide a life for myself along with providing for Scotland and its people in an environmentally and sustainable way. It really is such a lovely feeling to be praised for what you make and the reaction of my customers when they receive their order is great.

PicMonkey Collage

A lot of people reading this will have their own upcycling projects on the go or in the pipeline, what advice can you give a fellow upcycler?

Tips for the upcycler would be keep your eyes and mind open. You can find something one day and think it’s useless, then a requirement for it arises and your back to collect it. Most things have a multitude of uses, its about finding as many as you can for the items you have or can find. Always ask before removing something from a skip as it is illegal without permission but when you ask you are normally met with a smile and a “yes take what you need”. Also tune your eye to the colour and shapes of the contents of skips and the things your looking for. My example would be; I look for sawn timber in fields and woods and fallen branches. So I keep the colour or cut wood in my mind and always look when I see some.

Do you have a favourite piece?

My favourite pieces are my thrones. I made my first one as my 2nd ever piece and have loved making them, loved looking at them and love the reaction they get from people . Also I love big benches something about large beautiful bits of wood and comfy seats just dose it for me.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today. Where can people come and see your work?

My work can be viewed in “Made In Stirling” an artist collective that runs a large shop in Stirling town centre on Port Street. Also I have a show room at my work shop in Spring Kerse Unit 9 Phoenix estate fk77sg across from Aldi behind B&M home store open most days and some evenings :)

“Collect, conceive, create” David Mackay

Please have a look at David’s website at: