Forth Upcycling Network

The Forth Upcycling Network, fully funded by Zero Waste Scotland, is a project which will focus on encouraging and supporting Forth Valley communities to reduce waste.Kel and Canvas for web

Our Aims:
Working in partnership with local communities on recycling and food waste issues to:

  • Encourage and support community involvement
  • Encourage and support local Volunteers and Community Advocates
  • Increase community and household recycling 
  • Reduce and prevent household food waste 
  • Extend Product Life Cycles via reuse and repair
  • Change community behaviours towards recycling, reuse and food waste
  • Educate and raise awareness

Our new Project is split into two strands:

Volunteer and Advocate Development:
Providing and facilitating training workshops to local groups, community volunteers and advocates, along with our own FEL and ZW volunteers.
Training will be delivered in the following ways:

  1. Cascade Training/Train the Trainer – Peer to peer learning, providing core cascade training with key strategic stakeholders.
  2. Volunteer Training – A comprehensive training programme for community and partner volunteers on the three core VCAP principles.

This training will then allow all volunteers and advocates to cascade their knowledge to others within their communities and work lives creating a wider, consistent and comprehensive network of knowledge and skills.

Community Engagement:
Increase the knowledge and skills of local community members and residents within the Forth Valley area, with the aim of changing behaviours; increasing recycling; reducing and preventing food waste; and extending product life-cycles via reuse and repair.
Training will be delivered via:

  1. Community Workshops
  2. Events
  3. Activities

Delivery will focus on a consistent and engaging programme of proactive and reactive events.

Our Targeted Communities for 2015-2017 will be:

  • The Helix, Falkirk
  • Resonate Arts House, Alloa
  • Dobbies Garden Centre, Stirling
  • Forth Valley Students
  • Food Banks
  • Online