Green Light for Pocket Allotment Planting

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The remaining planters in Falkirk High Street to be replanting have now been cleared, ready for the community groups to take them over and plant up with vegetables, herbs and pollinator flowers. Our thanks to Falkirk Council and Falkirk Council's Criminal Justice Service for clearing them over the past few weeks.

There are now six groups who have been allocated the planters: TCV Scotland, The Rotary Club of Falkirk, Under the Trees Falkirk, The Woodcraft Folk Falkirk, BrightHouse Falkirk, and one other waiting for confirmation.

Already up-and-running are TCV Scotland and The Rotary Club of Falkirk, whose planters are now looking very smart and full of life!

tcv cabbages tcv planter

TCV Scotland's planters and space shared with The Rotary Club of Falkirk

    Posted: 19 July 2017



Nailed It! - Opportunity to Learn Woodworking Skills for your Community Garden


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We are delighted to offer a course in wood up-cycling and circular economy principles as part of FEL's VCAP Programme, and the Dig in Falkirk Project,delivered by Falkirk Council, Falkirk Delivers and Forth Environment Link which aims to encourage more community growing projects across the Falkirk Council area.

The course has been designed to offer up to six participants a range of wood re-use/upcycling skills whilst contributing towards their wider employability and personal development.  In this course, we will be making work tables and display units using reclaimed scaffold boards and construction timber, and these will be used within FEL's new Falkirk office.  The skills learned can be applied to constructing garden or community garden features, such as raised beds, bug hotels, benches, etc. 

It is aimed at beginners, and especially community group members who would like to learn new skills for their own projects, who, through the 12-hour programme, will progress to Intermediate, then Advanced level. No prior experience is necessary.

Participants will be introduced to a variety of practical skills using standard hand and power tools and is designed to establish a basic level of competency in the practical application of these tools and in the construction of rudimentary (or otherwise) items using reclaimed timber. Participants will work towards becoming familiar with safe practice and learning how to marry suitable materials with design ideas. Tuition will be provided in small ( 4-6 person ) groups to ensure individuals are supported throughout the programme.

The course, tutored by Richard Chatfield, FEL's Project Support Officer, will take place on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 June 2017, in Forth Environment Link Falkirk Office, 201 - 203 High Street, Falkirk. Participants must be a minimum of sixteen years of age.

Participants will need sturdy footwear and clothing that they don’t mind getting dirty. All tools, safety equipment and materials will be provided. Participants will receive a certificate on completion of the course.

Please contact Diane Alderdice, Forth Environment Link on 01786 449215 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested by Monday, 29 May 2017.


Drill Set

Course Details


  • Introduction to FEL/FUN
  • Explanation of the purpose and output of the course
  • H&S briefing covering working with tools/presence of other participants/workshop environment etc
  • Introduction to range of tools and practical demonstration involving participants
  • Further demonstration of tool use with de-construction of pallet to provide timber for use in session 2
  • Canvas participants ideas on what they would like to construct in sessions three and four (either for themselves or for donation to community group) keeping in mind available materials


  • Design and construct eg saw horse/work bench from example provided with supervision and instruction from trainer using pallet wood from previous session
  • Introduce wider range of tools and practical usage
  • Informal questions throughout session to gauge participants knowledge on tools/materials
  • Settle on ideas for final session construction (possibly start on build)
  • Quick, informal survey of participants to gauge session structure and course efficacy.


  • Construction of participants items/objects with supervision/advice/instruction from trainer
  • Introduce a more refined approach to “finishing” items under construction
  • Short period at end of session for participants to fill out training evaluation form


Pocket Allotments Launched!

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The pocket allotment project was successfully launched in Falkirk town centre yesterday, Wednesday, 24 May 2017 to showcase what can be grown in even the tiniest of urban gardens. Existing planters on Falkirk High Street have been cleared to be used by local groups to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and pollinators


The initiative is part of a two year project – Dig in Falkirk – run by Falkirk Council, Falkirk Delivers and Forth Environment Link which aims to encourage more community growing projects across the Falkirk Council area.


Mandy Brown, Falkirk Council planning officer, said: “The planters will be ‘adopted’ by local groups, organisations, schools and businesses, who will receive a grant of up to £300 to buy seeds, plants and tools to plant up and maintain the planters for a year.


“The project will allow us to showcase what can be achieved in urban areas as well as improve our public spaces by creating a well looked-after, colourful and vibrant area of the town centre. Shoppers are in for a visual feast!”


The first groups to take up the planters are the Rotary Club Falkirk, The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) Scotland, and Brighthouse, and three other groups have shown interest.

Dig In Falkirk 06

The Rotary Club Falkirk planting a mixture of herbs, flowers and vegetables

Dig In Falkirk 08

 TCV Scotland starting the planting with cabbages

Diane Alderdice of Forth Environment Link said: “We are very much looking forward to supporting these groups on this new and innovative project. Their enthusiasm so far has been terrific and we will provide all the advice and information they need to ensure their planters are a success.


“We hope the launch will spark interest from other local groups in adopting a planter; we’d love to bring the High Street into full production by the summer.”


To apply for a planter, visit https://form.jotformeu.com/70644614417354, and download the Terms & Conditions and Risk Assessment before completing the form.


The project is funded by Falkirk Council, Falkirk Environment Trust and Avondale Environmental Ltd, and supported by Falkirk Delivers.


Read more at: http://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/news/environment/falkirk-project-will-grow-on-you-1-4448025.



 Let's Get Falkirk Growing!


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Are you interested in growing your own vegetables and fruit and want to spruce up your town centre? Then you help us create a community growing space!

Falkirk Council, Forth Environment Link and Falkirk Delivers have come together to create good spaces in the heart of Falkirk Town Centre where our communities can come together to plant, grow, cook and eat their own fruit and vegetables.

We have set up a crowdfund to fundraise to make this happen and every little counts! You can support us by visiting the website https://www.mypark.scot/projects/dig-in-falkirk/ or you can donate by text.

Simply text: FALK48 plus an amount to 70070 – for example: 'FALK48 £5' to donate £5. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.

Thank you!