Consulting Services

Forth Environment Link provides a range of consulting services aimed at supporting local communities providing adice, workshops and training on food growing, outdoor learning, programme develoment and community consultation as well as supporting business planning, network development and funding proposals.

FEL has undertaken several consulting contracts in the local community providing everything from gardening skills workshops and cooking classes to assisting in the creation of community development plans and creating community garden spaces. Here are some of the projects that FEL has been a part of:-

  • In the Raploch community we provided training to local residents in food growing and gardening skills.
  • In the Broombridge community we provided Square Foot Gardening and food miles workshops as part of the Edible Broombridge food event.
  • In the Callendar House Walled Garden we provided workshops to local children and families to promote the heritage of the garden.
  • In Braehead we worked with a number of partners to develop a community growing space.
  • In Cultenhove we engaged with the community on a green spaces project
  • FEL has also worked with local cycling communities to develop a comprehensive list of recommendatios for improvements to Stirling's cycling infrastructure.

FEL has a wide range of expertise in the areas surrounding local food producion and growing, orchard planning and maintenance, recycling, composting, cycling and cycle route planning and management.

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