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FEL School Orchard Publications

***Now Available as a Digital Resource***

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Forth Environment Link has developed a Resource Pack for teachers with over 100 activities to integrate orchards into the curriculum and to support and enhance outdoor learning.

To obtain a digital copy please contact Forth Environment Link at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 “A fruit tree is one of the best resources for outdoor learning and teaching”.

Many schools have planted fruit trees in their grounds and use them extensively. These trees are well-maintained and cherished. Others, perhaps because they have not been integrated into the curriculum, can become neglected and a valuable resource lost.

Over many years, with lots of pupils and teachers, we have developed ideas to use orchard trees and their fruit in every-day curricular activities. This Teachers’ Resource Pack is a collation of over 100 of them. An orchard can be just a few fruit trees but it can greatly enliven and enrich your programme of outdoor learning and provide a very valuable focus for many aspects of Eco-school activities.

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Outdoor Learning Resource Library at Little Stars Nursery

Little Stars Resource LibraryThe new contemporary library resource features a large collection of resources on every aspect of outdoor learning, environmental education and sustainable living. The library is hosted and managed by Little Stars Nursery at CraigForth.  Available to all Forth Valley schools, nurseries and out of school care projects it is also available for library LICS Passport holders.
It features many thousands of books, videos, posters, magazines, toys, CDs, tapes, habitat hampers and story sacks. Also practical equipment and artifacts, from pond dipping nets and microscopes to skulls, fossils and fungi.
Contact Katie at Little Stars: 01786 445552
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resources are available to anyone involved in any aspect of delivering environmental topics:
Habitat Hampers and Story Sacks
Packed with cross-curricular resources, natural objects, posters, books and worksheets, these large wicker boxes are targeted at Primary 4 -7. Each hamper focuses on a discrete habitat and resource:
  • Blue Gold - Freshwater
  • Woodland Wealth
  • Local Treasure
  • Riches of the Bog
  • Biodiversity Baskets
Our smaller biodiversity baskets have been developed to help you deliver biodiversity education. You can take advantage of this collection of natural objects is to support formal and community groups by providing hands-on, intimate, connections with the diversity, ecology and wonder of the natural world.
Story sacks are available for small group working with either a very small number of children or as part of another outdoor based activity. They contain a selection of books and props on the themes of: hedgehogs, frogs, ladybirds etc...
School Grounds Resource Box – this collection of resources provided on behalf of Grounds for Learning and supported by Scottish Natural Heritage is available on loan, free of charge, to any school looking to develop their school grounds. If you would like to borrow the School Grounds Resource Box please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.